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„Nikt nie jest dobry
przez przypadek”


Treeden Logistics

Freight forwarding service

TREEDEN Logistics realizes freight forwarding service based of principle” door-to-door” which is relying on taking-over transport management from sender of commodity for receiver.

Practicing innovatory shipment solutions we are able to minimize costs of transport and concomitant operations. For this purpose we use our own transportation, network of trans-shipping terminal, freight forwarding warehouses and operative section of Car freight forwarding. Calculating way of transportation we take into consideration competitive prices, time frames and client’s recommendations.

We specialize in transportation of such commodity as:


  • Construction materials
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Meat elements and ready products


  • Solid fuel: pellets, carbon and coke
  • Articles of vegetable origins, shut , cereal,
  • Stone and aggregate,
  • Timber, paper and pulp,
  • Metals, metal products , scrap and metals russet.